Under Reform to host Special Session at WCTR

Mumbai, 9:30-11:00am, Wed 29 May

The project is running a Special Session at the 15th World Conference on Transport Research conference in Mumbai, India. This session will capitalize on the Indian Smart Cities Mission which is developing 100 Smart Cities.  The session will focus on the following critical questions:

  • Have governance reforms been undertaken to facilitate smart city developments?
  • What has changed and why?
  • Have reforms begun to take urban transport on a different policy trajectory?
  • Who is benefiting from these new approaches and who is missing out?

Drawing on the early empirical work from the project with national stakeholders and in Jaipur and Bangalore, the project team will identify key theoretical and practical implications of the Smart Cities Reforms. Dr Shankar Vishwanath, Former Director Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai will provide his reflections on whether the Smart Cities Mission is necessary to unlock urban reforms. The programme for the session is set out below and anyone attending the WCTRS conference is welcome to attend and join in the debate.

  • Introduction to the Smart Cities Mission and UNDERREFORM project – Professor Greg Marsden, University of Leeds (10 minutes)
  • Assessing the Applicability of Multilevel Governance in the India Context: An Analysis of the Smart Cities Mission Programme, Dr Louise Reardon, University of Birmingham (15 mins)
  • Experiences on the Ground: Jaipur, Professor Sanjay Gupta, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi (15 mins)
  • Experiences on the Ground: Bengalaru, Professor Ashish Verma, Indian Institute of Science, Begnalaru (15 mins)
  • Delivering transport outside of Smart City Mission – Dr Shankar Vishwanath, Former Director Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (20 mins)
  • Open discussion (25 minutes)

Photo credit: Nitin Mendekar on Unsplash