Changing behaviour, one chai at a time

by Morgan Campbell A common theme emerging within UnderReform case sites is a sentiment expressed by stakeholders: Smart City designation does not automatically make a city or citizens smart. Implementing a bike share station is ineffective if people don’t understand how to use it; smart roads are not smart if two-wheelers still drive on the … Read more

Kerala’s Safety Initiative

by Morgan Campbell The 2018 World Health Organization (WHO) report on Road Safety identified India as having one the highest number of road-related deaths in the world; approximately 23 deaths per 100,000 people per year. Several factors contribute to dangerous conditions for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Roads requiring repair, lack of coordinated traffic laws and … Read more

Top down process meets bottom up democracy: Kochi’s Smart City Mission

By Morgan Campbell Constitutional attempts at decentralization India’s 74th constitutional amendment remains the country’s strongest attempt to decentralize decision-making powers to city authorities. Enacted in 1992, we can imagine the amendment as a clairvoyant anticipation of future urban growth and the need for a third tier of public representation and accountability. The schedule’s 12th amendment … Read more