Top down process meets bottom up democracy: Kochi’s Smart City Mission

By Morgan Campbell Constitutional attempts at decentralization India’s 74th constitutional amendment remains the country’s strongest attempt to decentralize decision-making powers to city authorities. Enacted in 1992, we can imagine the amendment as a clairvoyant anticipation of future urban growth and the need for a third tier of public representation and accountability. The schedule’s 12th amendment … Read more

Jaipur Stakeholder Workshop

Audience faces speaker at podium in front of presentation screen.

The local stakeholder workshop in Jaipur took place on 14 September. The aim was to get a feel for the nature of transport governance in Jaipur, one of the four cities chosen as Under Reform project case studies. We hoped through the workshop to better understand the role of Smart Cities Mission (SCM) stakeholders and how transport-related … Read more

First stakeholder workshop for Bangalore

Bangalore workshop takes place at the IISc The Bangalore workshop was the first of four regional stakeholder workshops organised by Under Reform. The main purpose of this, and future, workshops, is to create a platform for learning about and discussion of urban governance reforms within the national Smart Cities Mission (SCM), particularly those related to … Read more

Provisional programme for our Bangalore #SummerSchool now online! Apply by 14 February.…

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